Henry Winkler is the new face of One Reverse Mortgage

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One Reverse Mortgage, CEO Jay Farner The One Reverse Mortgage team is having some very “Happy Days” …as we launch an exciting new advertising campaign with award-winning actor and author Henry Winkler.  Best known for his role as Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli on the long-running Happy Days TV series, Winkler will appear as the ORM spokesperson in our national cable television ads on stations like WGN, Inspiration Network and Lifetime Movie – just to name a few.

The one minute and two minute commercial spots feature Henry, as well as our very own actual clients, explaining why One Reverse Mortgage is the trusted reverse mortgage lender for clients to work with, as well as giving a brief overview on the features and benefits of the program.  The premise of the campaign encourages folks over the age of 62 to get a “Retirement YOUR Way.”

When we began our search for a spokesperson we identified some very important criteria….we had to have someone who is widely recognizable, who has good standing among the public, who exemplifies integrity, and who could connect with folks 62 and older.  Henry has shown through his excellence as an actor, children’s author and family man that he represents all that One Reverse Mortgage is about.

To round out the “Retirement Your Way” Campaign, Henry will be featured throughout the One Reverse Mortgage website  and on our exclusive Guide and DVD.

Henry is a great match for ORM and when you see the commercials we think you’ll agree. To view the commercials, visit our website at and click on the link to the right of Henry’s picture.

You can visit One Reverse Mortgage on Facebook and Twitter.


PostEgram: Connecting online with offline

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PostEgram: connecting online with offline Is your Grandma missing your SUPER AWESOME Facebook posts?

Before Facebook came along, remember how you used to call Grandma?  She’d tell you how your uncle in Texas broke his foot and how your cousin in Florida got engaged…Grandma was the original status-updater!

Then social networking exploded, and poor Grandma retired.  Darn it.  She never bothered to learn how to use that electronic friend-maker.

Enter PostEgram, a new business just launched from Bizdom U that has a solutiont o connect your online life with those who are offline.  PostEgram makes it possible for those without a computer or the desire to socially network online to keep in touch with their loved ones.  Once a month, PostEgram will take your personal online updates and photos and put them into a snazzy, full-color printed newsletter, and deliver it right to Grandma’s doorstep.

It’s true.  We live in an age of social technology. Through computers, iPods, mobile devices and the like, we all stay connected—for both business and personal reasons.  But did you know that 47% of adults over the age of 65 do not have access to the Internet in their homes?  So while we are online talking about everyday events, there’s a generation of folks missing the conversation–perhaps it’s even your own parents!  Simply sign-up for the monthly subscription, and never feel guilty again!  PostEgram is a great way to stay in touch with those in the military too!

So, why wait?  It’s easy to create, easy to read and even better, an easy way to ensure family and friends stay connected.  It gets better! Monthly subscriptions start at just $4.99. Check out PostEgram on Facebook, too!


Justice for Xeko!

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Xeko now in Justice stores!Back on the blog with some exciting news – one of Quicken Loans sister companies, Xeko, now has their products featured in Justice Stores nationwide!

This is exciting because Justice is the #1 online retail store for tween girls which means Xeko has the potential to reach over 10 million girls and their parents.

For those who might not be familiar with Xeko (pronounced Zeeko) – it is a virtual world for kids!  By playing Xeko’s online games, kids cause good to happen in the real world!  Saving REAL Tigers in China, tracking REAL Polar Bears in the Arctic and providing computers for REAL patients at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio are just a few examples how kids are making a difference in our world!

Xeko now in Justice stores!Some of the products offered in Justice Stores include: Eco-friendly stuffed animals and Clay-Mate Collectibles!  Each Xeko product purchased gives kids a special online code to Xeko’s virtual world.  Even better, each Xeko product ties to a non-profit donation.  To date, kids have made donations to Habitat for Humanity, WildAid and Polar Bears International, just to name a few.

So to get the latest Xeko stuff you can go to or jump in your car and head out to one of their locations.  They make the perfect gift for your children or someone you know.  Xeko appreciates all your support!

You can find out more about Xeko at It’s good, fun and it’s FREE!


Stylecaster iPhone App

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stylecaster-iphone-appStyleCaster has built the first iPhone app in the family of companies!  Added to Apple’s App Store just last week, StyleCaster built an app that allows you to access StyleCaster outfits, products, news and additional fashion related content while you’re on the go.  The App is so cool that Ralph Lauren decided to be the advertising sponsor and the folks at TechCrunch can’t stop raving about it.

Read more about this on the Quicken Loans Blog too.

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